Huge Book Giveaway – 10 Books from TA Barron

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us (phew!), how about a chance to make someone’s holiday extra special with a collection of books from renowned young adult author, T.A. Barron? 

Barron headshotBarron’s stories inspire children young and old all around the world. Covering vast mythical territories, his epic fantasies draw readers in and captivate their imagination while gently reminding them about their own heroic potential. As a writer, he has earned bestseller status, numerous awards, and the high praise of his peers including Lloyd Alexander, Madeleine L’Engle, and Isabel Allende. As a champion of today’s young heroes, he has created The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes which honors twenty-five young people each year for their leadership, courage, and work to make the world a better place.

Barron believes that “… every child—from any background or description—can be a positive force in the world, and even do something heroic.  That’s why all my books center on a brave young person who has to dig deep to save themselves and the people and places they love.”

Using stories, he tries to help children see and believe in their potential, “As a society, unfortunately, we give kids a very mixed message about the value of their inner character qualities.  Which is why too many kids are confused about the difference between a hero and a celebrity.  And why too many kids don’t believe in their own power to make a difference.” Barron’s stories inspire his readers to step up and step into being their best selves – people who have a voice and can use it to speak up for what’s important.

Barron is best known for his epic, The Merlin Saga. This series of twelve books takes readers on an exciting adventure through a vast territory alongside a diverse cast of beautifully rendered characters. With the release of his latest novel, Atlantis Rising, Barron invites his fans to join him on a new adventure:

In a magical land called Ellegandia, a young boy named Promi scrapes by, stealing pies, cakes and sweets to survive. But little does he know that his country is a pawn in an ages-old war between good and evil, battled both in the spirit realm and in the human world. Harboring secrets of his own, Promi teams up with a courageous girl named Atlanta and the two vow to save their
land—and each other—no matter the cost. But their vow has greater repercussions than they ever could imagine—in fact, it may just bring about the creation of Atlantis, an island cut off from the rest of the world, where magic reigns supreme.


About the Giveaway: 

To help get the word out about Atlantis Rising, Barron has generously provided a special collection of his books to be given away to one lucky Fans of Being a Mom reader.

The collection includes the novella Tree Girl, the first five novels of The Merlin Saga, the second book from the Heartlight Trilogy, one of his picture books, The Hero’s Trail (his nonfiction guide to a heroic life), and – of course – Atlantis Rising:

Barron Atlantis Rising

Barron Book Group

To enter the drawing, simply leave a comment below before midnight EST on Wednesday, December 4th. We will choose one winner at random to receive this wonderful collection. Please be sure to include your email addressnot in the body of your comment, but in the form you complete when leaving a comment. We will contact the winner (US residents only) by email for mailing information and then T.A. Barron’s team will ship the books to you directly.

Even if you don’t win the giveaway, I encourage you to check out Barron’s books and share them with the young people in your life. Visit his site to learn more about his books, his inspirational Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, and his advice for writersTom is also a wonderful presence on both Twitter and Instagram where he shares his own thoughts as well as a collection of great quotes.




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  1. Karen Jones says:

    My book loving kids would go nuts with these!!

  2. These books sound fun! Even if I don’t win, I’ll have to check them out, I think.

  3. Samantha C. says:

    Looks like a fantastic collection to read! I would love to win and add it to my book collection. Reading is one of my favorite things, especially reading to my 6 month old Son =)

  4. Diane Kauffman says:

    I would love to win these books! They look awesome!

  5. Rebecca Stock says:

    TA Barron is a great writer. His Merlin novels are terrific, and he writes what young readers enjoy!

  6. I can’t wait to share these books with my son.

  7. Jeanne Wojnarowski says:

    I am collecting new toys and books for charity. There is a certain girl I would love to give these to!

  8. Would love to win these for my boys!

  9. Theses books would brighten my son’s Christmas! He loves when I read books to him, all kinds!

  10. My daughter would love reading these books!

  11. Love these books!!

  12. Tiffany evey says:

    Thank you for the beautifully written reminders that a hero is born within. Sharing this message with my sons would be a pleasure

  13. These books look like something my fantasy and sci-fi obsessed daughter would love. She’s a voracious reader. Can’t wait to get her started on a new series!

  14. My son would love these books!

  15. Looks like great books! :)

  16. Sonia Pena says:

    My son just got an award from school for being top reader in his grade (7th). This would be perfect for him.

  17. Beth Lord says:

    My 15& 16 year old daughters would love these! We are a family of readers and always have our noses in a book.

  18. Karen Tevik says:

    My three daughters (14, 2@9) and my son (7) would LOVE these books!!

  19. Maritza Banton says:

    My daughter follows in my footsteps. She loves to read. I hope we win, moneys very tight and this would make an awesome gift.

  20. Greg StahoveC says:

    Thanks for the offer. My avid reading 6th grader would love these.

  21. Dawn guess says:

    I have not read these, but u have several nieces and nephews that would love these!

  22. These look so great!! I can’t wait to pass down my love of fantasy to my boys!

  23. Jennifer burton says:

    Even my daughter’s teacher, first time we met her, says “You’ve got quite the reader”. Yes, Yes, we do and I love the fact that they ALWAYS have a book in their hands!

  24. Desiree newton says:

    These sound like great books, favorite genre, would love to get my kids into them!

  25. Rachel Pigg says:

    I love reading!! I read to myself, to my kids, my kids love reading, read, read, read!!! :) These sound like great books to read!!

  26. Love books to read to my young one as she is a growing reader.

  27. Wow, these sound like books I would like to read. My girls would definitely love them.

  28. Megan barrett says:

    We are readers and this would make an awesome gift for my kids! Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  29. Brissa regalado-rinker says:

    My daughters read so much that the public library and I both have a hard time keeping up with their demand. These books would surely help us out a bit.

  30. Angelica Jones says:

    I’ve been searching for books or book series for my daughter. These books sound fantastic! Hope we win!

  31. These would make a great collection for my kids!

  32. My 11 yr old daughter loves learning about mythical/sci fi and would love this. We are always looking for new authors to try and he seems right up our alley:)

  33. I absolutely love his books! I’m so glad he is still writing. :D Would love these!

  34. Aaahhhh! I would LOVE to win these books! Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. I want to win!

  36. jennifer banas says:

    I would love to win this book set for my daughter!!!

  37. My son and nieces would love this!! :-)

  38. Shelly Gambrell says:

    My son would LOVE these!

  39. Great giveawy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Tracy wall says:

    My daughter would love these!

  41. My 11 year old woudl love these books. This kind of story is right up her alley!

  42. ChRistina whitmore says:

    These would be the perfect gift for my daughter while she’s in the hospital before Christmas. Thanks for the opportunity.

  43. Tracy Andrews says:

    I would love to give these to my son for Christmas! He is always looking for new authors and books to read!

  44. amy putnam says:

    My second grader loves to read. He is reading at a fifth grade level! I would LOVE to be able to give him this beautiful set of books :)

  45. Jes Sauser says:

    These book are so on point for my daughter, she would love to see all of these books under the tree! And, Mom would love to read them all too :)

  46. My boys would love these books. We are always on the look out for new entertaining reads.

  47. These books look like great reads especially for kids who are not big on reading. Like my middle school child! Always looking for that one book to get his attention and make him want to read on his own!

  48. Julie meiser says:

    My 12 year old struggled with reading at a young age. When he gets his hands on books that interest him, he can’t get enough of reading! Lately, he has been struggling to find something to grab his interest again. I KNOW these books would do there trick!

  49. My kids and I would love to read these books and it would keep us busy for at least a month.

  50. amanda BAuer says:

    Yes please, I have three children who love me to read to them!

  51. Toni Kaski says:

    I have a 10 yr old that loves to read!! We find it hard to keep books around for her to read as she reads them so fast!! She would love these!! And we can save them for her younger brothers who I hope will love to read also!!!

  52. Milicent christy says:

    I have 5 children who are avid readers they would love these books.

  53. This would be awesome for my Teen/Tweens.

  54. These books would be a wonderful addition to our media center/library at work. We struggle to find appropriate books for tweens and early teens.

  55. After years of force my son has become an avid reader of Greek mythology, and this would make a great gift to add to his collection.

  56. I think my daughter would love these books!!

  57. All 3 of my kids would love these to read!!

  58. Lisa falcon says:

    I have 3 boys ages 12, 12, and 14, this would be an awesome Christmas gift!

  59. Julie weissmann says:

    Would love to win these for my boys

  60. Donna Cairns says:

    Would love to win for my daughter. She loves books like this collection. Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  61. These would be great for my son! :)

  62. Lisa Gnadinger says:

    I have 3 amazing kids that love to read. (The worst punishment I can give them is to take a book away. It is the quickest way to get them to finish their chores, haha.)

  63. amanda siefert says:

    My 11 year old would love these! She is always looking for new things to read.
    My 2 boys will enjoy them once they reach this reading level as well.

  64. Cherish stamper says:

    My son would love this collection of books. He is an avid reader!

  65. Kim nelsoN says:

    My daughter would love these books!!!

  66. My 12 yr old is just starting to enjoy ready & I would love to give her these books as her very own!

  67. My niece would LOVE these!
    Thank you!

  68. I have a couple of tween nieces who would go nuts over these! Nothing better than a great book in your hands!

  69. jaime MaurellA says:

    My son wouldn’t read these books in a million years. He is dyslexic and reading is a chore. However, he would LOVE to have me read these to him and he would soak up every detail with enthusiasm. We use reading as bonding time and these books could become a welcomed partner in furthering his imagination, comprehension skills, and creativity. I would love the opportunity to win for him and thanks for making it possible.

  70. Kathleen fredericksen says:

    My son is an avid reader, for which I am so thankful! At 7, he’s eager to read new series, and just discovered fantasy. I think we’d have a blast exploring this collection!

  71. Melissa brumfield says:

    These books sound awesome! My 13-year old would love these!

  72. Would be wonderful to win! Would make a great Christmas gift.

  73. Ali Asher says:

    These sound like just what my 11 year old would enjoy reading. Hope I win!

  74. Kim O'Leary says:

    It would be an honor to win and a great surprise for my kids :)

  75. I would love to have these on hand for my little boy. T.A. Barron is the best!

  76. giccelle H says:

    My daughter is a voracious reader, would love to add this books to our library, she is just 4yrs old and she is reading pre-teens books. We are really proud of her!!!

  77. Carolyn P says:

    Looks like a fantastic collection! My 10 year old daughter would love these.

  78. melissa breckenridge says:

    wow what an amazing opportunity. this set of books would make a great gift for my sons. thanks for the chance

  79. Jessica f says:

    What a great gift! The types of books both my son and daughter would enjoy!!

  80. would love to get my son more into reading with these.

  81. My kids would love these books. I would like to win and add it to our books collection!


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