36 Things I Want My Daughter to Always Remember

I recently came across a post by Lisa of Mommy OM titled, 25 things I want my daughter to know. As the mother of a blossoming eight year-old, I was suddenly struck by all the things I want to instill in my own daughter about how special she is, the importance of being true to your heart, how to be a good friend, and so much more. A mother’s greatest aspiration is to see her children lead happy, rich, fulfilling lives. As I watched my little girl drift off to sleep last night, my mind was filled with all the wishes I hold in my heart for her happiness. If I could, I would giftwrap the world for her. I would create a new world designed to delight her. There is nothing that makes me feel happier or more content than to see joy on my child’s face.

I know that I cannot (and should not) make my daughter’s life perfect. I know that eventually she will venture out into the world on her own. She will have to face her own dragons and learn many things the hard way. I know that most of what I tell her – even the things I might whisper earnestly in the quiet dark of her room while she sleeps – will remain unheard and unheeded for a very long time. Even tonight, as she prepared for bed, she chastised me for not taking her anguish over a small blemish seriously. If only she knew how clearly I remember feeling those same anxieties myself at her age. But it will be, I think, a long time before we are able to truly empathize with one another. For now, our worlds are still very far apart – separated by a generation and a lifetime of experiences.

Even so, there are things I want my daughter to always remember. I will tell her these things – today, tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. I will repeat them over and over until they echo so clearly in her head that they might be mistaken for her own thoughts. These are the things that I believe will help her create her happiness  – grow it in her own heart instead of ceaselessly searching for it in other people and places and pursuits.

  1. You are special.
  2. There is no one else exactly like you in the whole world. Cherish your unique self.
  3. You deserve love, admiration, honesty, respect, and second chances.
  4. You have the right to use your voice – any time, any place, on any topic.
  5. You are beautiful.
  6. Beauty is as beauty does and while physical beauty is fleeting, a beautiful soul lasts forever.
  7. True friends make you laugh and feel good about yourself.
  8. True love makes you want to be a better person.
  9. Girls can do anything boys can do … and some things boys can’t.
  10. Magic is real – you just have to know where to look for it.
  11. Taking time for yourself is important – be your own best friend.
  12. You can always come home. Always.
  13. You can tell me anything.
  14. You don’t always have to follow the rules, but …
  15. … always follow your heart.
  16. You are a creative genius and your creations are your gift to the world. Give them freely and joyfully.
  17. There’s no such thing as failure. Learn from every experience.
  18. You are loved more than you will know until you have your own child.
  19. Anything is possible if you believe.
  20. There are few things a hot mug of tea and a good book won’t fix.
  21. Go after your passion with a vengeance, but …
  22. … remember to slow down and savor the journey along the way.
  23. Sometimes it’s okay to eat dessert first.
  24. Don’t wait for things to be “perfect” before you do something.
  25. Keep your eye on the Big Picture, but revel in the details.
  26. Trust yourself. You are smart enough, strong enough, and brave enough.
  27. When in doubt, grow something.
  28. It’s okay if you don’t know the answers. Sometimes it’s a better place to start from.
  29. The Golden Rule is the easiest standard by which to measure any choice.
  30. Travel is the best teacher, but always be safe and be wise. The world is a beautiful place, but it is not without its sharp edges.
  31. Never compromise your beliefs – not for stature, approval, or anything else.
  32. Manners count.
  33.  Learn to laugh at yourself and life will suddenly seem much easier.
  34. It’s okay to be fragile sometimes. Life can be like that.
  35. I am always so proud of you.
  36. I will always be with you. Even when I’m gone I will be holding you in my heart and wrapping my love around you.

What would you like your child to always remember?

Image Credit: Louise Docker


  1. Always accept blame for your actions! No one is responsible for your actions or reactions.

  2. Live your life for your approval, not the approval of others! YOU are the only one who has to live your life!

    • Vickey Spevak says:

      I totally agree with this statement. You can walk away from what others think of you but you are the one person you can’t run away from/

  3. We teach others how to treat us. Someone can only treat you badly if you allow them to.

  4. Always show up as yourself. Plan for tomorrow and savor today!

  5. sometimes you have to fall before you can fly

  6. Choose a mate that treats you like a “princess”, not the “you’ll do” girl

  7. I may not agree with all your choices but, Nothing you do will make me love you less.

  8. You cannot control what others do, but you can control how you react to every situation.

  9. How much LOVE she is capable of. :)

  10. always be totally open and honest in all your relationships

  11. Being the mom of a blossoming 8 year old myself, this really hit home…..my daughter needs to know these things and she should never settle for less than she deserves thank you for sharing this.,…….

  12. evenstarbns says:

    Never expect anything from others. Always depend on yourself.

  13. Don’t worry about losing. Always remember that it always takes a loser to have a winner and people will always remember how you played the game.

  14. Samantha Anderson says:

    This is beautiful!

  15. You’re never too old to enjoy silliness. Try to work some into every day, because we all need a daily giggle.

  16. No one is perfect. Give genuine apologies and ask for forgiveness when needed. (as a mom, I have asked my children for forgiveness on several occassions.)

    • Vickey Spevak says:

      Right, apologies and forgiveness when needed since no one is even close to perfect and will make their own mistakes in this world. don’t hold anyone up to a higher standard than you hold your self up to.

    • Vickey Spevak says:

      first and for most you have to remember to forgive your self as you would want others to forgive you.

  17. Never expect more from others or hold them to higher standards than you are willing to expect from yourself and try everyday to reach.

    Mistakes and accidents will always happen. Learn to learn from them and embarrass them and learn to forgive yourself!

    • Vickey Spevak says:

      making mistakes and things that are done right are both for learning from. you will learn lessons from both, and they will make you a better person.

  18. Vickey Spevak says:

    remember like the saying said,” you get more with honey than vingare”. speak how you wish to be spoken to.

  19. I want my daughter to follow the Word, not the World. I want her to understand that people will often suffer the consequences of her actions; therefore, she needs to think before she acts acts and speaks. Finally, I want her to know that words can only be forgiven, not forgotten. May she speak words of life, grace, love, and peace.

  20. “If the pain of holding on exceeds the fear of letting go; Let go.”

  21. Realize Parents make mistakes and need love and forgiveness too.

  22. Leave a space for God in your life

  23. Life is short. Live in the moment.

  24. #37. Stand up for the under-dog: reach into the far corners of the room, take a hand and embrace what each individual has to contirbute. You will always be blessed by what you learn from this person.

  25. They aren’t mistakes if you turn them into learning opportunities.
    Treat others as you would like to be treated.

  26. As a father, I would add: even if you can’t show it at the time, listen to your mom’s advice so you can remember it later when she’s not there to help you.

  27. I want my daughter to remember to always be yourself; Never change for anyone or any reason; Believe in what you think is right and love will always find its way.

  28. Believe in GOD! He is always there to guide you.

    • “Grace” “God” “Gut instinct” “Conscience” Always Go with these feelings. And Tell The Truth, ALWAYS!!

  29. Love should never hurt if it does walk away!

  30. Always love yourself and don’t ever let anyone take that from you.

  31. Never let the fear of failure keep you from following your dreams.

  32. i have 2 thing i try and teach my daughter everyday.
    1. do not follow a path, instead go where there is not one and make your own.
    2. the only person who will ever truely stand in your way…is yourself.

  33. Love this list. I am struggling with a very independent 10 year and this list is just what I need to use at our nightly bedtime blessings. Thank you.

  34. You are My Hero.

  35. If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.

  36. when searching for love don’t settle for someone you can live with but find someone you can’t live without! & be sure he feels the same way ;)

  37. never split infinitives.

  38. Sorry is not just a word.. it is a feeling. Make sure you feel it when you say it, don’t just use it quickly and freely.

  39. beautiful for the most part! I’d add:
    Love God, Love yourself, Love others

  40. Renee krasnow says:

    Try to always be nice in any given situation. Even if it sometimes difficult to do so! At the end of the day, you will always feel good and know your a better person for it!

  41. Don’t take anything personally…know that nothing anyone does is because of you…THAT is arrogance. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. WHen you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering. —-from Wisdom of the Toltecs

    Love yourself, love everything about yourself—even the parts that aren’t always easy to look at or accept or like because they make up the whole of who you are…
    As an extension of loving yourself, remember to always tend to and take care of yourself first so that you have the energy and strength to be of value and of service to others…

    Always do your best…whatever that looks like and allow for what your best looks like from one moment to another –also from Wisdom of theToltecs

  42. 36 listed and some unlisted/leftout qualities and suggestions can become the Way Of Life for every boy and girl,men and women,if they follow the path of Spirituality.

  43. 1. Trust but verify.
    2. Treat everyone you meet as their own person, other people’s mistakes and transgressions are not their fault.

    • Theresa Belmonte says:

      Always keep the Lord Jesus Christ in the center of everything you do and every choice you make. Know that Daddy and I are the only ones who love you as much as God does! We will never, ever leave you! We will love you unconditionally! Know that the one thing we are most proud of is being your Mom and Dad. You give us a reason to smile each and every day! We are proud of the choices you make and for the way you love others as well as God! We love you more than words can say! <3 <3 <3

  44. catherine says:

    Always Remember Everything I Taught You And When You Have Your Own Children One Day,Then You Will Totally Understand Why I Did! Why I Was So Protective In This Dark World We Live In. Remember How Much Love I Gave You Always And How I Have Always Been There For All Of You. Know That When I Planted The Seed Of Truth In You Regarding God, His Word, And His Truth, That It Will Never Leave You. Spiritual Things Have Great Meaning And You Can Keep Them Personal And Private This Day And Time. God Understands How Difficult It Is To Share Your Love Of Him And His Truth With The Average Person. He Understands The Battle Of Trying To Attend A Church Somewhere And That There Are Ravaging Wolves In There Every Service Waiting To Destroy You And Your Family. So Yes, His Truth And His Word, The Bible Are True And You Must Keep Them Holy And Learn At Your Own Pace And Not The Pace Of Others. Believe In Miracles For They Do Happen. All He Requires Us To Have Is The Faith Of A Tiny Mustard Seed. He Will Never Forsake Or Leave You, Even If You Think He Has. He Is Still Walking Right Beside You All The Way.You Just Can’t See or Fill His Footsteps! Have Faith My Children And Know He Is The Only Truth In This Cold Dark World We Must Live In And On Called Earth. Heaven Is Just A Short Distance And He Will Show Us Everything We Need To Know Here And There One Day. Walk In Love And Peace With Your Family And All Your Brothers and Sisters. We Are All God’s Children! Love Forever From A Mother Who Has Been There And Survived It All With God Walking Right Beside Me The Entire Way. My Journey Is With God Always and I Will Win The Race One Day And He Will Say To Me: Well Done My Child! Love Forever Your Mother

  45. just remember there is always tomorrow!

  46. Try not to say things that you will have to say SORRY for later




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